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James Baldwin
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Research areas:

Our approach to systematics is testing hypotheses of nematode evolution in part through comparative reconstruction and developmental biology of character rich-nematode structures. Often studies are designed to address questions of character homology and to detect and understand parallel and convergent evolution of morphological traits. Primary tools include DIC light microscopy, video imaging, transmission, TEM tomography, scanning, confocal, and 4D microscopy. Through collaboration with molecular biologists we use molecular-based phylogenetic trees to map the evolution of independent morphological/developmental characters. Our reconstruction of feeding structures in Rhabditida and outgroups Cephalobina and Diplogastrina is being used to test classical hypotheses of evolution and is being expanded to test hypotheses of evolution of the stylet and plant parasitism in Tylenchida. We are also extending studies of feeding structures to groups believed to be basal to Secernentea. An important aspect of our phylogenetic studies is survey and description of new taxa. In this regard, we have ongoing surveys of the southwestern deserts of the USA. Currently we are conducting a survey of marine nematodes of Mexico's Gulf of California in conjunction with Mexican collaborators. Our surveys and phylogenetic research is dependent on exchanges with scientists worldwide and with material we curate at the UCRNC taxonomic museum.



Recent Journal Articles:

95. Subbotin, S.A., Ragsdale, E.J., Mullens, T., Roberts, P.A., Mundo-Ocampo, M., Baldwin, J.G. 2008. A phylogenetic framework for root-lesion nematodes of the genus Pratylenchus (Nematoda): evidence from 18S and D2-D3 expansion segments of 28S ribosomal RNA genes and morphological characters. Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution. Vol. 48: p.491-505.

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110. Microsporidia-nematode associations in methane seeps reveal basal fungal parasitism in the deep sea.  Frontiers in Microbiology 5:(article 43) 1-12

Recent Book Chapters

17. Baldwin, J.G., Mundo-Ocampo, M. 2011. Preservation and Shipping. Marine Benthic Nematode Molecular Protocol Handbook (Nematode Barcoding) Technical Study: No 7. Editors: International Seabed Authority. International Seabed Authority . Vol. 7: p.9- 11.

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19. Decraemer, W., Coomans, A., Baldwin, J.G. 2014.  Nematoda: Morphology of nematodes pages 1-59 in. Handbuch der Zoologie/Handbook of ZoologyNemathelminthese and Gnathifera . Editors: Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa. Walter de Gruyter Inc. Germany. De Gruyter GmbH, Berlin.

Recent Books:

1. Subbotin, S.A., Mundo-Ocampo, M., Baldwin, J.G. 2010. Systematics of Cyst nematodes (Nematoda: Heteroderinae) Part A. Brill. The Netherlands. 300p.

2. Subbotin, S.A., Mundo-Ocampo, M., Baldwin, J.G. 2010. Systematics of Cyst Nematodes (Nematoda: Heteroderinae Part B. Brill. The Netherlands. 450p.

Recent Book reviews:

4. Baldwin, James G. Root-knot nematodes. Ed. 1st. Perry, Moens and Starr (editors). CABI International, London: 488p. Information about the book review itself: Root-Knot Nematodes. Published on 09/01/2010. The Quarterly Review of Biology Vol. 85: .370-371.

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