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Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian Isgouhi Kaloshian

Professor of Nematology
2107A Genomics Building

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Research Areas

Understanding how aphids and nematodes successfully colonize and reproduce on their host plants is the long-term goal of my research program. This knowledge will lead to development of improved resistance in crops to these pests. To dissect these plant-pest interactions, we study root-knot nematode and aphid interactions with their tomato host. This crop provides a unique opportunity to study these interactions as it contains resistant and susceptible tomato lines to these pests. Moreover, resistance to both pests is mediated by the same disease resistance gene, Mi-1, that encodes a nucleotide binding leucine-rich repeat protein. We study the Mi-1-mediated resistance signal transduction pathway to both pests. To understand the mechanism of Mi-1-mediated defense, we investigate gene expression changes in the aphid and the plant host during aphid feeding. Moreover, we study aphid salivary proteins to identify effectors that are recognized by the plant host and those that interfere with the host cellular processes.


Selected Publications

Atamian, H., R. Chaudhary, V. Dal Cin, E. Bao, T. Girke, and I. Kaloshian. 2013. In planta expression or delivery of potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae effectors Me10 and Me23 negatively affect aphid fecundity. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 26:67-74.

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Bhattarai, K. K., H. S. Atamian, I. Kaloshian*, and T. Eulgem*. 2010. WRKY72-type transcription factors contribute to basal immunity in tomato and Arabidopsis as well as gene-for-gene resistance mediated by the tomato R-gene Mi-1. Plant J. 63:229-240 (* co-corresponding authors).

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Martinez de Ilarduya, O., A. E. Moore and I. Kaloshian. 2001. The tomato Rme1 locus is required for Mi-1-mediated resistance to root-knot nematodes and the potato aphid. Plant J. 27:417-425.


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