University of California, Riverside

Department of Nematology

Nematology 250 Seminar Series

Wednesdays 4:10-5:00 pm

1471 Boyce Hall
Fall 2017

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Oct. 4 No Seminar
Oct. 11 Kimberly Horton Agronomist, Grimmway Farms 

"Nematodes in Organic Vegetable Production"

Oct. 18

Antoon Ploeg

CE Specialist, UCR 

"The curious case of Coachella Capsicum"

Oct. 25 Irma de Ley Associate Research Specialist, Nematology/Entomology UCR

"Biological Control of Invasive Slugs using Phasmarhabditis:  Updates and Perspectives"

Nov. 1 No Seminar
Nov. 8 Paul de Ley Professor, Nematology, UCR "The Hypsibius versus Tylencholaimus hunger games:  Sports Statistics meet the Dual-Choice Algivory Micro League"
Nov. 15 Tiago Pereira PostDoctoral Researcher, Nematology, UCR

"Integrating classical taxonomy, DNA barcoding, and high-throughput sequencing to explore patterns of diversity in nematode communities"

Nov. 22 Marta Ruiz-Valdes PostDoctoral Researcher, Botany, UCR

"Citrus nematode resistance: time for an update"

Nov. 29 Arsenio Ndeve PhD Student, Nematology, UCR

PhD Thesis defense Title:  "Genetic Characterization of Resistance to Nematodes and Fungal Pathogesn in Cowpea Germplasm from Mozambique"

Dec. 6 Jeannette Rapicavoli R&D Scientist, Syngenta

"Beyond the bench: insight into a career as a field scientist"

Dec. 13 Zach Bagley Managing Director, California Tomato Research Institute, Inc.

"Crushing it in Tomatoland.  Why nematodes are harshing our vibes"

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