Graduation Day with Students


Undergraduate Courses

NEM 120. Soil Ecology. (4) 

S Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 005A and BIOL 005B, or BIOL 002 and BIOL 003. Examination of soil biota and their relationships with plants and the soil environment. Emphasis on soil biotic interactions that influence soil fertility, plant disease, and plant growth. The importance of the different microbial and faunal groups is examined from the rhizosphere to the ecosystem level. 

NEM 159. Biology of Nematodes. (3) 

W Lecture, two hours; discussion and demonstration, one hour. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 005A, BIOL 005B, BIOL 005C, CHEM 001C or CHEM 01HC, CHEM 112C, MATH 009B or MATH 09HB, PHYS 002C, PHYS 02LC, BCH 100 or BCH 110A, one course in statistics. An introduction to the biology of nematodes. Topics include the morphology, physiology, development, genetics, behavior, and ecology of nematodes from parasitic and free-living habitats. In the discussion and demonstration section, students observe the comparative morphology and biology of nematodes and give oral presentations on selected nematode life histories. Cross-listed with BIOL 159.

NEM 190. Special Studies. (1-4) 

Individual study, three to twelve hours. Prerequisite(s): consent of instructor and Department Chair. Individual study, directed by a faculty member, to meet special curricular needs. A written report is required. Course is repeatable. 

NEM 197. Research for Undergraduates. (1-4) 

Laboratory, three to twelve hours. Prerequisite(s): upper-division standing. Research in nematology with the guidance of a Nematology faculty member. A written report is required. Graded Satisfactory (S) or No Credit. Course is repeatable.

Graduate Courses

NEM 206. Phytopathogens: Nematodes. (2) 

S Lecture, one hour; laboratory, three hours. Prerequisite(s): graduate standing or consent of instructor. Recognition, diagnosis, biology, and control of major nematode diseases of plants. Laboratory covers identification techniques, soil sampling and processing techniques, and process of pathogenesis. Cross-listed with PLPA 206.

NEM 240. Field Nematology. (1) 

F Lecture, one hour. Prerequisite(s): NEM 206/ PLPA 206. Six-day demonstration and field study course in applied nematology including diagnosis and prediction of nematode field problems, strategies for control, field plot design and establishment in association with diverse California crops. Graded Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC).

NEM 250. Seminar in Nematology. (1) 

Seminar, one hour. Prerequisite(s): consent of instructor. Lectures and discussions by visiting scientists, staff and graduate students on topics in nematology. Normally graded Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC) only, but students may petition instructor for a letter grade on the basis of presentation of a formal seminar. 

NEM 290. Directed Studies. (1-6) 

Individual studies on specially selected topics in nematology under the direction of a staff member. Graded Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC). Course is repeatable. 

NEM 297. Directed Research. (1-6) 

Experimental studies on specially selected topics in nematology


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