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Graduate Admissions



The Department of Nematology always welcomes new graduate students. If you are interested in Nematology, and are considering graduate studies in this area, please check out our faculty web pages. You will find information on their research and can determine which faculty best match your interests. PhD degrees at UCR take about 5 years on average, of which the first two are mostly devoted to coursework. If you already have a directly relevant MSc degree, then you may be able to lighten some of the course requirements, pending approval of the Graduate Advisor. Alternatively, you may prefer to take the opportunity to strengthen aspects of your training that were not covered in depth during your previous studies.

Although our department does not offer its own PhD program, nematology faculty frequently serve as supervisors for students enrolled in a number of graduate program such as  Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Entomology, Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, and Cell Molecular and Developmental Biology. For more information on these programs see website: https://cnasgrad.ucr.edu/graduate-students/prospective.



Prospective PhD students should apply online at http://www.graduate.ucr.edu/  Fellowships consideration and application deadlines differ for domestic and international students. Please refer to http://graduate.ucr.edu/app_deadlines.html for updated deadlines. Usually it is best for a student to begin at UCR in the fall to access the required course work. Funding opportunities are also greatest for fall applicants. It is not necessary, but definitely advisable, that the student has identified and contacted a prospective supervisor before applying for admission. This will not only facilitate initial decisions about the applicant's prospective curriculum, but it will also contribute substantially towards identifying and obtaining sources of support.


Academic requirements depend on the program the student wishes to enroll in (see the various departments in: https://cnas.ucr.edu/academics/graduate-programs.


For further information, please contact the Student Affairs Officer,  Laura McGeehan via email at laura.mcgeehan@ucr.edu .



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