NEMA 250 Seminar- Lauren Booth, Stanford University

Lauren Booth
1471 Boyce Hall, UC Riverside

The Department of Nematology's weekly NEMA 250 seminar series is presented this week by:

Lauren Booth, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stanford University 

Seminar Title: "Sexual Interactions Induce Early Death in Nematodes"

Abstract: Sexual interactions have a potent influence on the health of animals in several species, including nematodes and mammals. C. elegans is well suited to the study of the effect of sexual interactions on lifespan, as males trigger the premature death of the opposite sex (hermaphrodites). We have found that males deploy multiple, elaborate strategies to shorten the lifespan of the opposite sex. Male pheromones, sperm, and seminal fluid each affect hermaphrodites in unique ways that additively contribute to the premature death of the hermaphrodite.  Hermaphrodites, however, have evolved natural defenses that protect them from the detrimental effects of mating. We have discovered that hermaphrodites with self-sperm are uniquely resistant to mating-induced demise. Our work reveals that males and hermaphrodites have evolved conflicting strategies to maximize each sex’s reproductive sex. These strategies could shed light on aging, reproduction, and sexual interactions in all species.


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Margarita Flores
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Students, Faculty, Staff, UCR Community
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