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Department of Nematology Quarantine Facility

Isolation and Quarantine Headhouse
Quarantine Entrance

Quarantine Area:

The Quarantine area consists of a headhouse with an area of 1,500 ft2 and an attached greenhouse with 1,500 ft2 under glass.

The Headhouse:

The headhouse of the Quarantine Area consists of a vestibule/potting room, a tissue culture laboratory, a tissue culture incubation room, two soil rooms, and a restroom. The front door leads to the potting room and is the only access to the Quarantine Area of the NIQF.

The Vestibule/Potting Room:

This room is designed primarily to act as a vestibule between the outside and areas of the facility that house quarantine materials. Also, the room has bench space for setting up some aspects of experiments and various projects, but work with quarantine pests is not allowed in this space.

Quarantine Potting Room
The Greenhouse:

The northern greenhouse section of the NIQF, including approximately 1,000 ft2, is designed for projects that involve quarantine species of nematodes. It is only accessible through the potting room, and is completely sealed from the Isolation Area.

the Isolation Area

The isolation sections of the NIQF greenhouse are designed for projects that need “isolation” from other projects in the regular Nematology greenhouses, but that do not involve quarantine species of nematodes. Such projects include biological control projects, plant breeding projects, and maintenance of cultures of single nematode species.

Inside the Quarantine Greenhouse
The Tissue Culture Incubation Room:

The tissue culture incubation room is located at the south end of the potting room. This room is designed to store cultures of plant tissues and nematodes.

The Tissue Culture Laboratory:

The tissue culture laboratory is located on the east side of the potting room. It contains a sink and a counter-top working space with nine central workstations, five of which are furnished with either dissecting or compound microscope. Additionally, the laboratory has two refrigerators; a freezer; a Conviron plant growth chamber; a laminar flow hood; a fume hood; a water bath for cooling media; a bench-top centrifuge; and an autoclave.

Quarantine Tissue Culture Laboratory

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