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phil roberts Philip A. Roberts

Professor of Nematology
2251 Spieth Hall
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Research Areas

My research focuses on the integrated management of plant parasitic nematodes. A major emphasis is placed on the identification, characterization, and development of host plant resistance to root-knot nematodes for genetic improvement of crops. Current work includes studies of resistance gene inheritance, development of gene markers, genome mapping, and gene transfer. Research on the genetic resistance and associated traits in crop plants to root-knot nematodes is organized in the areas of: 1) identifying new sources of resistance genes; 2) nature, inheritance and molecular characterization of resistance genes; 3) introgressing resistance for breeding line and crop improvement for warm/arid environments using classical and novel techniques; 4) assessing and implementing resistant and tolerant lines and cultivars in the field in appropriate cropping systems; and 5) studying variability of parasitic specificity within and between nematode species.




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