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Infectious Roundworms Brought to Light in Recent News

In recent news, a 64-year-old woman was found to have a roundworm, typically found in pythons, nesting in her brain after exhibiting various strange symptoms. Nematology department faculty members Dr. Simon "Niels" Groen and Dr. Adler Dillman were both asked to weigh in on this unusual find and provide some insight into the types of...

Dr. Bao Lam Awarded Meritorious Scientific Achievement Award in Grain Legume Research

Congratulations to Dr. Bao Lam Huynh in his achievement of receiving the Meritorious Scientific Achievement Award in Grain Legume Research, which was recently announced in the February 2023 edition of the Feed the Future brochure! Dr. Huynh is currently an assistant professional researcher in the Roberts lab, here at UC Riverside, and has received this...

Dr. Ole Becker Elected as Fellow by the Society of Nematologists

Congratulations to Professor Ole Becker who was elected Fellow of the Society of Nematologists in recognition of his contributions to research in integrated management of nematode diseases of plants. The Fellow Award was given at the Society of Nematologists Annual Meeting in Anchorage Alaska in September 2022.
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UCR COVID-19 Testing Lab to Open

Congratulations to Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian, Chair of the Department of Nematology as she is a part of a UCR team that has set up a COVID-19 testing site at UC Riverside. She has worked in conjunction with Dr. Katherine Borkovich, Dr. Rong Hai, and Dr. Juliet Morrison from the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology...
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Professor Adler Dillman received an Outstanding Investigator Award from NIH

Congratulations to Dr. Adler Dillman on his recent Outstanding Investigator Award from National Institute of Health This award is intended to support a research program, rather than a research project, of a scientist whose outstanding record of research demonstrate their ability to make major contributions to human health and well being. The award is...
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Niels Groen will join the Department of Nematology

The department of Nematology welcomes Dr. Simon "Niels" Groen as its new faculty. Dr. Groen’s research interest is in understanding molecular mechanisms of adaptation in the context of species interactions and fluctuating environmental conditions. Dr. Groen will join the department in July 2021. We look forward to his arrival to campus!
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Dr. Andreas Westphals project recognized by the APS

Dr. Andreas Westphal, Associate CE Specialist and Associate Nematologist in the Department of Nematology, has been recognized by the American Phytopathological Society for his project "Developing Walnut Rootstocks with Resistance to Soil-borne Pathogens that Limit Sustainable Nut Production" Congratulations to Dr. Westphal.
Isgouhi Kaloshian

Dr. Kaloshian's review article a top 10 download in Phytopathology during 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian, Professor of Nematology and Department Chair! Her review article titled " Advances in Plant−Nematode Interactions with Emphasis on the Notorious Nematode Genus Meloidogyne"is one of the Phytopathology journal's top 10 downloaded articles in 2019. Read the list of the Top 10 downloaded articles here.
Francisco receiving Swanson Award 2020

Francisco Franco-Navarro Receives Swanson Award

Congratulations to Francisco Franco-Navarro, Plant Pathology graduate student in the Department of Nematology, for receiving the Swanson Award for Plant Pathology and Nematology. The Swanson Award recognizes excellence and career potential amongst graduate students in plant pathology and plant nematology. Nominees must exemplify all of the following qualities: 1) A high degree of career potential...
Isgouhi Kaloshian

Dr. Kaloshian joins 2019 class of AAAS Fellows

From the Inside UCR news article: "In recognition of her pioneering work on plants’ immunity to pests, Isgouhi Kaloshian, chair of the Department of Nematology, has been elected as a fellow to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS. ...Currently, her work is focused on understanding and boosting plants’ immunity to nematode...
Tiffany Baiocchi Award at SON

Tiffany Baiocchi Awarded Outstanding Student Award

This year Tiffany Baiocchi, a PhD student in the Dillman lab received the John M. Webster Outstanding Student Award. This is the highest award that the Society of Nematologists and the Nathan A. Cobb Foundation bestow on a graduate student; recognizing outstanding accomplishments in the awardee’s thesis work as well as other skills necessary to...

65th Annual Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens

Meeting of the 65th Annual Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens (formerly Soil Fungus Conference) and the 50th Annual Statewide California Nematology Workshop. Huntington Library, Art Collections, Botanical Gardens 1151 Oxford Road San Marino, CA 91108 March 26-28, 2019 Sign Up Here

Peach Root-Knot Nematode Found in Merced and Kern Almond Orchards in California

Peach Root-Knot Nematode Found in Merced and Kern Almond Orchards in California Read the article

1982, 2010 Team Nematology Mission Inn Run Photos

1982, 2010 Team Nematology Mission Inn Run Photos
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